Great News!

This site has been verified to have real, authentic engagements with their site.

Honest Marketing.

Better For You

You can purchase confidently knowing that the product or service is not only from a reputable company, but is used and enjoyed by other consumers as well.

Better For Them

Evidence rewards companies who want to do business in an honest, transparent way. Websites can display real actions taken by real customers to give more confidence to other visitors on their site.

Better For All

No, the nice guy doesn’t have to finish last. We believe honest, transparent marketing is better for both the consumer and the business. Go head, call us old fashioned if you must.

Positive User Engagement 

When someone visits a site and purchases a product or service, that action is considered a positive engagement on that site. Other positive engagements could include downloading a yummy recipe, scheduling an appointment, or requesting more information.

These positive engagements help show other visitors that a product or service is worthwhile for others to consider too. It’s kind of like seeing a long line at the best cafe in town.

Verified By Evidence

Evidence is a 3rd party software that connects to the backend of websites to track these positive engagements. Evidence will connect to the website’s components, such as their shopping cart, email auto-responder, or calendaring software, to confirm that these are real actions taken by real people.

Displayed For You

Once verified by Evidence, these positive engagements are then displayed in a subtle, non-intrusive manner so that site visitors can continue to browse a site with confidence.
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