Case Study: The My Future Business Show

Rick Nuske, the host and founder of My Future Business, has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world to help show other entrepreneurs how they can find success. Rick’s goal is that his podcast will be a catalyst for change that drives the continued success of thousands of businesses worldwide. 

Rick uses various channels to promote his podcast. People will find the show on on on all of the major podcasting platforms including iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and others. He has placed a large emphasis on Google My Business to gather testimonials and build the podcast’s brand. YouTube and social channels like Reddit and Facebook have also produced reliable traffic to the site and show. Over time, more and more people are learning about The My Future Business Show brand and finding it with organic search engine results. 

Rick admits that there was a pivotal point in his podcast where he shifted his mindset from the podcast being a hobby to it being a viable business. Not only did this mindset shift help him develop a new way of thinking about how to use the show to help businesses grow, but he opened his mind to new ways to gain more exposure, build systems to help him scale, and become a profitable business. 

In the early stages of his podcast, Rick spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to let people know his podcast was the real deal. He spent a lot of time learning about web design and finding the best way to convert site visitors, which included collecting and displaying static testimonials. “Although testimonials are incredibly important, unless they are displayed on the home page, visitors to the site have to navigate away from the home page to check them out. This results in a percentage of people ‘dropping off’ and never returning to the home page, and in turn, never booking an interview on the show. Which is a missed opportunity.”

When Rick first saw Evidence, he thought using social proof would help fix his problem of people bouncing after viewing his testimonial page, but once he got into the platform, he realized there was so much more to the tool to help his business grow. 

Rick uses Evidence to show social proof of other entrepreneurs, founders, and authors that have booked an appointment with him. These notifications have shown to be an effective way to add social proof to any page without having to direct them to another page to see all his testimonials. Adding these social proof notifications to his checkout page reduced his cart abandonment rate. His use of Evidence also included adding Boomerang Tabs to his site, which is a feature that is unique to Evidence. Boomerang Tabs help bring visitors back to your site after they switch tabs by cascading the text new social proof notifications across your site’s browser tab, grabbing their attention and bringing them back to your site. 

Rick sends a post-purchase and post-interview survey to learn more about his customers and how he can improve his business. Rick noted that many customers specifically said that his social proof notifications and boomerang tabs made a positive impact on their decision to book an appointment or make a purchase. 

Since adding social proof to his site, Rick has seen 3X increase in guest interview bookings and a 2% increase in sales revenue of other products and services. When asked about the overall impact of using Evidence, Rick said “I’ve had a lot of software experience, and I don’t bother with software that I am not confident in. To build confidence, I look at the people behind the business, their marketing and promotional efforts, and the way the software is made and supported. I have found that for my investment, that Evidence provides me an exceptional level of value, and I feel like I’m the one who won out of this deal.”

Company Bio

My Future Business Gets You In Front Of Your Best Customers, And Keeps You There!

With so many people moving away from traditional employment, and more towards starting their own business, our focus is doing what we can to help more and more entrepreneurs, business owners, and book authors stay in business and prosper. We want to help as many people as possible to successfully create and sustain the business and lifestyle of their choosing, so they never have to work for someone else ever again if they don't want to. Our vision is for My Future Business to be a catalyst for change that drives the continued success of thousands of small businesses worldwide.

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