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Have you ever drifted towards a certain clothing line because a celebrity is used in the advertising? This is called social proof advertising and it’s a pretty handy method of marketing based on the thought process that your customers will pick up what other people are saying and doing.

It’s pretty easy for people to fall into the trap and there are a few different types of social proofing. The main ones you’ll use are expert, celebrity, and user. We’re going to briefly go over what these are, and give you a few examples so you can start taking advantage of this brilliant marketing strategy.

1. Nature Made

The first example of social proof advertising that we’re going over is expert proofing. It follows the idea that instead of marketing yourself, you let an expert do it for you. Nature Made did a very effective job with this.

They use an official certification from the U.S Pharmacopeial Convention to market their product for them. Most people will see that certification and immediately trust the product.

2. Fitbit

Fitbit is another great example of expert social advertising. They allow several health experts and websites to boost them up rather than advertising themselves.

It’s one thing for Fitbit to say that their product is great and works but another one entirely when experts are raving about it. This method of advertising has made Fitbit one of the best-known fitness trackers out there.

3. Jenny Craig

The second method of social proofing is celebrity proofing. It follows the idea that when people see a celebrity using a product, they’ll drift towards it. It gives potential customers a face to latch onto and identify with.

Jenny Craig saw a lot of success with this method when they used photographic evidence that celebrity Kirstie Alley was losing weight using their program. This evidence was enough to make it one of the top diet programs in the US.

4. Cisco

Admit it, if you’re not used to IT lingo, it’s like learning a foreign language. You absorb the content but it’s really hard to grasp onto it. Cisco was aware of this so they got a celebrity to come in and talk about the content.

A celebrity can catch the attention of those who even though might not understand what the commercial is about, might still use the services because they identified with the person featured in it.

5. WIX

Making a website doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people just aren’t that technologically savvy. WIX understood that so they used a celebrity in their advertisement.

By having a celebrity in the commercial or advertisement, it gives off the impression that anyone can make a website. It does a really good job of putting one’s website building worries at ease. It also shows that everyone needs a website, even a celebrity.

6. Yelp

The third type of social proof advertising is user proof. It uses the idea that people will listen to other users input and reviews. One of the best places to get these reviews is Yelp.

Yelp is one of the most used places for users to review all sorts of businesses. It’s one of the most popular websites out there because so many people visit it before they decide to go somewhere.

7. IMDb

A lot of people will visit websites like IMDb to get information on new movies before they go see them. Movies are expensive so it’s a good way to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

IMDb is one of the most popular websites to get that information. Users can see what actual people are saying about new movies that have come out and rate ones that they’ve already seen. Users will trust their fellow moviegoers before they will critics.

8. Amazon

People are more likely to buy a product when they can read reviews about it to see what the people who have actually used it are saying. Amazon makes the most of these reviews.

You can read reviews on each and every one of the products that you can buy from them. You can also post reviews and pictures of your own. Amazon sells a ton of products because of this feature. It also saves on the number of people who send stuff back because it wasn’t what they wanted.

9. Netflix

Netflix suggests new shows not only based on what you like to watch but what’s popular on the streaming service in general. It’s a great way to keep people watching new shows instead of just finishing one and moving away.

Users will trust shows that are popular with other users and if it’s something that vaguely catches their interest, they will be more likely to give it a try.

10. Facebook

Facebook is a pretty popular social media source. It will push pages and articles for you to check into based on things that your friends like.

The reason why this is a good strategy because who can you trust if you can’t trust your friends right? It’s the perfect way to advertise material.

Successful Social Proofing at Its Finest

Proper marketing strategies can make or break your business. Social proofing is one of the easiest ways to get your company to kick off. Allow for customer reviews on your site, consider bringing in someone famous if you can afford it, or get a certification. This is the perfect way reel in customer trust.

Marketing your business is hard, but we can make it easier. To find out how we can help you and to see our prices, visit our site.

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