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Are you trying to increase conversions?

Looking for ways to boost the effectiveness of your website?

While getting plenty of traffic to your website is important, it's not very helpful if you aren't getting conversions after they arrive. If you operate an online store or offer any kind of service to others, conversions are everything. Luckily, with great web design, you can improve conversion rates.

Below we'll look at the top ways that you can start increasing conversions on your site.

1. Tell Your Visitor What to Do Next

One of the top ways that you can increase conversions is to make sure that you're directing your visitors where you want them to go. Using strong calls to action (CTAs) is essential and can help your visitors know what their next step should be after landing on your site.

Once a person arrives on your site, whether it's on the front page, on a blog post, or on a service page, that person needs to have a good idea of what to do next. Have a clear idea of what you want someone to do on your site and what your goal is for each visitor. Then, place easy-to-see CTAs on each page.

Even if a visitor isn't ready to make a purchase right away, they should still have a good idea of how they can learn more about whatever service or product they're interested in. If you want them to purchase or take another action, on the other hand, make it clear to them how to to do it.

By putting strong CTAs on your site, you'll lead customers to the right place and ensure that you're making as many conversions as possible.

2. Make the Buying Process Simple and Easy

Another way you can improve the conversion rate of your website is to make your site's buying and payment processes as simple as possible. The fewer barriers you can put between a customer looking at your product and actually purchasing it, the better off you'll be.

First of all, it's important that you make your "buy" button as big and obvious as possible. Make sure that a customer knows exactly what do when they're ready to make a purchase.

Of course, there are ways to take this further. For example, allowing a customer to buy a product with just one click, bypassing the shopping cart altogether,  can also increase sales.

Additionally, many e-commerce sites require a visitor to set up an account before making a purchase. If your site is the same, make sure that a visitor doesn't have to supply too much information to create their account. An account signup process that looks daunting and asks for too much information too soon may scare some customers away.

3. Include Trust Signals

Using trust signals on your site is also one of the best ways to get more conversions.

When operating in the digital space where anybody can set up a website and start selling products and services, making a customer trust you can sometimes be difficult. Trust signals can help build a customer's trust in your business and can help convince them that you won't just take their money and run.

Some of the most helpful trust signals are related to social proof and include things such as testimonials and reviews. You should place these on your website, but also keep in mind that it's good to get positive reviews on Google and social media sites as well.

Another important trust signal includes having security seals on your site from services such as the Better Business Bureau, Paypal, and VeriSign.

4. Personalize

When working to improve conversion rates, adding personalization features to your site can be a big help.

These days it's possible to easily learn a lot about any visitor who comes to your site. By understanding a visitor better, you'll be able to offer them more personalized recommendations. Adding a recommended products section on your site that is based on your customer's past viewing or purchase habits can be a great idea.

By ensuring you're offering the most relevant products or services to your visitors you'll have a great chance of making a sale and increasing your conversion rates. Anything you can do to personalize your site for a visitor can be a big help.

5. Use A/B Testing

One of the most foolproof ways to increase conversions is to make sure you're testing the performance of your landing pages and products with A/B testing. By monitoring the way someone interacts with a product page, you'll have a better chance of tweaking your pages well. You'll get more conversions as a result.

A/B testing consists of testing different versions of the same page and seeing which works better. These may be simple changes such as making a different color choice on a page or using a different product image.

After you have enough data from the A/B testing, you can then make the change permanent and start testing something else on the page instead. By doing this multiple times, you can then craft the perfect product page that is the most likely to convert visitors.

Ready to Increase Conversions?

If you're trying to have more success with your business website it's crucial that you look for ways to increase conversions. Make sure you try some of the tips above if you're serious about increasing conversions for your business.

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