Why are my Gravatar images not showing?

Use this article to troubleshoot the most common causes of a Gravatar image not showing.

Whether you are using a Webform Source or a Webhook source, you'll need to check to make sure that an email address is being sent along in the data, that it is being pulled from the source as a field, and that a field type is selected.

Is the email field being pulled from the source?

If the email is missing from your fields like in the image below, you can click the Add a field drop-down and select the Email field. If your email field is already listed, skip to the next section.

If an Email field does not appear in this list, that means that we are not being sent one.
Check with your source provider to see why the Email Address isn't being sent.

Once you have added the Email field, make sure you set the Field Type to Email.

My source has an Email field already listed

Check to make sure that you have set the Field Type of your Email field to Email. The icon next to it looks like an envelope. If the Field Type for your Email field is set like in the image below, skip to the next section.

If the Field Type has not been set, make sure you set it to Email.

The Email Address is being sent by my Source Provider, Email is selected as a Source Field, and the Field Type is assigned, but my Gravatars are still not showing

Now we are going to want to head into a campaign and edit the notification that should be displaying the Gravatar images.

Click Edit on your notification.

Go to the Design tab.

Click the Image section.

Make sure that Gravatar is listed as the #1 spot and that Gravatar Image is activated.

I've done all the steps above and my Gravatar is still not showing

When it comes down to it, most customers will not have a registered Gravatar account, which is why the fallback images are in place (i.e. Map, Static, etc.). However, if you are using an email address that you know is connected to a Gravatar account and it is still not showing after performing the steps above, make sure you reach out to our support team.

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