Campaign Settings Overview

Here are some of the settings you can adjust to make your social proof campaign run exactly as you need.


You may not want to show all your notifications on every page. Click the Display tab to specify which pages to include or exclude from your campaign. When entering a URL, toggle between Show On and Hide On to include or exclude specific pages.

NOTE Make sure that you add an "*" to display notifications on every page under a given path. For example, by entering, you will ONLY show notifications on that page. To include notifications on every blog post, use*


The options tab gives you deeper control on how and when notifications are displayed on the page.

Positioning Options

Use the Positioning section within Options tab to determine where Evidence notifications are displayed on desktop and mobile screens. 


You can control how and when notifications are looped inside of the Appearance section of the Options tab. You can also decide whether to hide notifications on Desktop or Mobile screens and allow visitors to dismiss notifications for that page.


The Timing section of the Option tabs allows you to control when notifications start showing, how long they are present on a screen, and the time between notifications shown.


You can easily select the order in which notifications are shown on your website. While on the Notifications tab, click the icon and drag notifications into the proper order.

We've made it very easy to control how much of each notification type is shown. Simply drag the sliders to adjust the amount your website visitor sees of each type of social proof.

Boomerang Tabs

A traditional boomerang is a nifty little device that comes back to you after you throw it. A Boomerang Tab, on the other hand, is a nifty little feature inside of Evidence that helps bring visitors back to you.

Imagine someone is considering your software product, but instead of purchasing they have an urge to watch more cat videos.

Boomerang Tabs grabs their attention by scrolling the text of social proof notifications across the browser tab, interrupting their obsession with cute kitties and bringing them back to your site.

This is an example of how Boomerang Tabs help bring lost visitors back to your site.

You can turn on Boomerang Tabs by going to the Options tab at the campaign level and scrolling to the bottom. Simply click the toggle and you'll start bringing people back to your website.

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