How to Configure a Visitor Count Notification

Visitor Count is a notification type that can display either a live count of visitors on your site or specific pages, or it can display a visitor count for a previous timeframe of your choosing.

To configure a Visitor Count notification, click the Create Notification button within your campaign.

create notification
  1. Give your notification a name.
  2. Select Visitor Count from the Notification Type box.
  3. Click Create.
create notification

On the Pages tab, you can select the pages you want the Visitor Count notification to collect visits from.

  • All Pages - Will add up all visitors from every page that the Evidence script is on.
  • Only Select Pages - Allows you to select specific pages to pull the number of visitors from.

Now click the Design tab.


Here you can customize the look and feel of your notification. Learn more about what each of the design settings do here.

design settings

On the default notification itself, you can see our merge field for "[visitors]" and "[timeframe]".

  • [visitors] - The merge field that places the count of the visitors we are collecting from the pages you select on the Pages tab.
  • [timeframe] - The time frame that gets merged in is based on what you have configured in the Settings tab.
merge codes

Click on the Settings tab.


Here you can set the Visitor Count to only show based on a minimum number between 1 and 200.


Here you can set the timeframe for capturing the visits as well as what gets displayed in the [timeframe] merge field.


Once you have configured these settings, toggle your new Visitor Count notification to Activate.


Congratulations! You have configured a Visitor Count Notification to display in your campaign.

Don't forget to republish you campaign!

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