How to Configure a Conversion Notification

A conversion notification displays real actions taken by real people. Conversions might include an optin for a newsletter, a lead magnet download, a webinar registration, a booked appointment or a purchase. Conversion notifications contain an image and usually some personally identifiable information like first name and location.

Select a Conversion Notification

To configure a conversion notification, click the Create Notification button within your campaign.

create notification
  1. Give your notification a name.
  2. Select Conversion from the Notification Type box.
  3. Click Create.
add settings

Connect a source to your notification by clicking the CONNECT A SOURCE button and creating a new source or selecting an existing one. You can learn more about how to create a source here.

Design Your Conversion Notification

Once you have connected a source, click the Design tab.


Here you can customize the look and feel of your notification. Learn more about what each of the design settings do here.


Creating Merge Fields

The default notification does not have any identifying information on it. (information about a real user, taking a real action). In order to add that, you will need to to create Merge Fields. To create a Merge Field, click the EDIT FIELDS button.

edit fields

Click Add Field.

add field
  1. Give your field a name. (First Name, City, State, Product, etc.)
  2. Give your field a default value. This value is used if for some reason your source does not send a value in the source field you select.
  3. Select the corresponding field from your source(s)
configure field

Click Options.


Here are more options for how we can interact with the field we receive from your source.

options settings

Once you have finished configuring your Field, click Create Field.

create field
Repeat this process for the rest of the fields you want to merge into the notification.

Add your merge fields to your notification.

merge fields

Finish customizing the notification to your liking and click Save.


Click the Settings tab.


Here you can set the notification to display "recently" (Verified by Evidence recently) if the conversion we are showing is older than the time frame you choose.


If you would like notifications to display in the order that we receive them, and not in a random order, you can toggle this option off.


If you would like to set a time frame for ignoring conversion that have come in in the past, you can toggle this setting between 1 and 60 days.


Here you can select a maximum number of conversions to display. This can be set between 10 and 60.


This setting allows you to hide a notification from a visitor who submits a form, preventing them from seeing their own notification.


Once you have configured these settings, toggle your new Conversion notification to Activate.


Congratulations! You have configured a Conversion Notification to display in your campaign.

Don't forget to republish you campaign!

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