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Are you a small business looking to scale to the next level? You've worked hard to build a strong customer base, but now it's time to grow. If this is you, then you need to incorporate social proof in your marketing campaign. Fitting in with the crowd is a strong need in our herd mentality society. We all want to conform with the crowd and be in the know for the next hot trend.

Don't worry if you're not sure how to incorporate social proof in your sales and marketing strategy, we've got you covered.

Keep reading to learn all about how you can use your current customer base to grow your business and scale to the next level.

5 Tips on How to Use Social Proofs on Your Website

Whether it's in your daily life or your business life, we all enjoy giving friends the next hot tip. It doesn't matter if you're giving the scoop on the latest hot restaurant or the best new productivity tool to hit the market, we want to share what we know.

So, when it comes to building your website. Allow your current customers to share with your future leads why they love working with you. These testimonials will go further than the best sales page. 

Here are our top tips for how to use social proof to increase your conversions on your website:

1. Include Screenshots From Social Media

Encourage your previous customers or clients to share a review online or on social media. Then share screenshots of these testimonials on your website to show current visitors that you have raving clients. These positive reviews will go a long way in converting more visitors to your website and creating more sales. 

2. Get a Social Media Shout Out

Your social proof doesn't have to be on your website. It can be on social media as well. When an expert in your industry, or a similar niche, gives your product or service an endorsement, this will speak wonders to your audience. Make connections and build relationships to get this form of social proof naturally. 

3. Encourage Fitting in with Social Sharing Boxes

People love to share what others have already shared. This shows that they are in the know and that they fit in with the in-crowd. Be sure to include those social share buttons on your website that shows off the hundreds or even thousands of other people who have already shared your blog post. This will encourage your current readers to also share your post.

4. Put a Pop-Up Box in the Corner

Do you know that pop-up box that comes up in the corner of some websites telling you that Jane from Minneapolis just signed up? That pop-up box is a great example of social proof showing your visitors that other people just like them are also signing up for your webinar or purchasing your product.

5. Create Collaborations with Influencers

Just as guest posting on other websites gives you access to another business owner's audience, so too can collaborations on your website or social media account. Use the influence of a larger brand or business owner to give your small business a boost online. Having a connection with an influencer will give you the social proof you need to catapult your business to the next level.

Use Conformity to Catapult Your Conversions Today

People want to conform to the current social norms. Fitting in is part of human nature and our herd mentality. Use this to your advantage and share your testimonials on your website. This will increase your conversions and scale your business to the next level.

If you want to see more information on how an Evidence pop-up box can increase conversions on your website, schedule your 15-minute demo here. We can help you get started with your free trial today to see how we can grow your business on your website.

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