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An appealing and informative website is a must for any small business trying to compete in modern times. Around 40 percent of consumers will stop engaging with a website if they think the layout is unattractive. Failing to optimize your website for both search engine success and user-friendliness can lead to the inability to generate sales leads.

When done properly, website conversion optimization will increase inbound lead generation and grow your company’s bottom line. Investing time and effort into constantly updating your business website is vital to the overall level of success you achieve.

Are you looking for a way to increase the number of conversions your website generates? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

Personalize Your Landing Pages

The key component of any successful website is a high level of personalization. Trying to make your website a one-size-fits-all tool can lead to major missteps that may cost you a ton of leads. Consumers want to feel like the companies they use know who they are and what they want.

When creating unique landing pages for your products or services, focus on personalizing the content and headlines these pages feature. Tracking where a user is from and what search terms they use to find your site is essential.

With this information, you can do things like show a person positive reviews written by people in their area. You can also suggest content based on the search terms a consumer uses. Achieving a high-level of landing page personalization will help you increase sales leads and brand awareness.

The Social Proof is in the Pudding

First-time visitors to a website want to establish a company’s credibility above all else. Making it easy for a new user to verify the legitimacy of your company is easy when using the power of social proof. Consumers want to know how many people are happy with the products and services you are advertising.

This is why putting things like testimonials, reviews and social media praise on your website is vital. Some business owners make the mistake of burying this information on low-traffic pages of their website. Getting maximum impact with your social proof is much easier when putting it front and center on your homepage.

Conversion Optimization Should Include Clearly Stating Your Value Proposition

Assuming a visitor to your website will know what benefits your company can offer them is foolish. Driving these important points home is vital, which is why you need to focus on creating a detailed value proposition. A value proposition is clear and concise content that details why a person should do business with your company.

The best location for these value propositions is in the main headlines of your homepage or on high-traffic landing pages. Modern consumers want as much information about a company before making a decision to use their products or services. Rather than keeping the benefits your company offers a well-guarded secret, you should be shouting it from the rooftops with well-written value propositions.

A Sense of Urgency Equals Better Conversions

Time-sensitive deals are a sales-tactic as old as time itself. Most successful business owners understand that a sense of urgency can motivate consumers to buy now. Offering deals that have a definite expiration date is something you should definitely try if you are having trouble creating sales leads from your website.

In the age of comparison shopping, a sense of urgency can provide you with a competitive edge. Generally, a time-sensitive offer will keep a consumer from wasting time shopping around with a competitor.

Before offering these time-sensitive deals, you need to create very persuasive content to accompany your ad. The ads for time-sensitive deals should feature detailed information about how a particular product or service can benefit the user. Appealing to consumers on an emotional level will help you keep them interested and loyal.

Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus

Beating around the bush when it comes to the content on your website is a big mistake. Getting right to the point is essential when trying to appeal to new consumers. In the age of instant gratification, most people have very short attention spans.

This means that the longer you wait to get to the point, the higher the risk becomes of a website visitor leaving. All of the headlines on your web pages should be both informative and to the point. By giving the reader short and concise headlines, you make your website scannable.

If you are stumped about how to make your brand messaging more concise, think about how you would put the elevator pitch of what your business does in text form. Huge blocks of text filled with industry jargon are bound to turn a potential customer off. Consumers want easy to read and digest information when attempting to figure out what you can offer them.

Fix Website Speed Issues Immediately

Does your website load in less than 5 seconds? If you answered no, then you are probably losing a lot of potential business as a result of a slow loading website.

Tracking down the source of these loading issues is only possible with professional help. Trying to do this complicated diagnostic work on your own will lead to even more problems developing. A web developer can find and fix these problems in no time at all.

The longer you wait to speed up your website, the harder it will be to grow your customer base.

Let Professionals Lend You A Hand

For most business owners, finding the time to optimize their website is nearly impossible. Working with professionals who have extensive conversion optimization knowledge is probably your best bet.

Are you looking for ways to increase website sales conversions? With our help, you can turn your website into a lean and mean lead generation machine.

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