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One of the quickest ways to get people to buy your products and services is to have others convince them that it's a good idea. In other words, testimonials in various forms are a huge help and build trustworthy selling points for consumers.

Many marketers use case studies to show how someone could benefit from their offer. But some people still aren't familiar with these content tools. If that's you then keep reading to find out what is a marketing case study and how it can help you establish social proof for your business.

What is a Marketing Case Study?

This might sound like a project you have to do for your statistics 101 class. But it can actually be an enjoyable process and conversion increasing tool. So exactly what is a marketing case study?

Case studies are used in marketing to demonstrate how you achieved certain results in a situation. The explanation typically entails in-depth details of the journey and is based on a specific, individual occurrence.

Usually marketing case studies are so helpful because they are descriptive with explaining the goal, implementation, and results. You'll basically have a good understanding of the exact steps the person or company did to get where they are.

Why Your Company Needs Social Proof

It's true that humans make purchases based on emotions. What's also factual is that there are various factors that can influence their feelings and other people is a significant one.

With this in mind, we can see how social proof is beneficial to a company. If someone wants to buy an item and they see the person next to them raving about it then that can usually push them to the other side of the fence.

Social proof helps you build trust and a good reputation around your company's name. It also allows you to show integrity by just going above and beyond and letting others brag for you.

How to Use It to Establish Social Proof

Now that you're not wondering what is a marketing case study anymore, it's time to use it for the better of your company. First, you want to figure out the goal of the case study. For instance, choose which product or service you might want to highlight in the experimentation. 

After that decide what you're trying to show. Do you want people to see how your product saves them time with scheduling? Are you looking to prove that your service helps people lose a specific amount of weight in a shorter period of time?

Once you've figured this out you have an angle to sell at. Someone reading about how you've helped another person with a similar situation to theirs is probably more likely to buy from you versus another business.

Looking to Increase Conversion 

Figuring out what is a marketing case study is the first step. Next, you should decide how you'd like to use it within your business to help build a good rapport.

Having high-quality forms of testimonials can help propel your sells forward. If you're looking to build or improve social proof for your company, contact us today.

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