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Turn those website visits into customers with conversion marketing.

When you run a website for your business, you might see your traffic numbers increase and decrease fairly regularly. Do those numbers coincide with your sales numbers? Probably not.

Converting website visitors into paying customers is one of the toughest things to do as a small business. You might have great SEO and great content that get loads of people on your landing pages, but if you can't close the deal, it's all for nothing.

Today, we're going to talk about a little thing called conversion marketing and why your business needs to start doing it. It involves looking at metrics and making important changes to keep visitors around longer. 

The longer you keep them around, the more likely they are to buy something.

What Is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion marketing, at its core, looks at various tactics that are aimed at stimulating your website visitors to take a specific action; in this case, purchasing a product or service. It involves sales pitches, website design, layout, and is predicated heavily on timing.

Conversion marketing should work in conjunction with SEO. Optimize your website to get more traffic, then use conversion marketing to turn those visitors that might be inclined to linger for a bit, then move on, to become paying customers.

When your conversion rates are higher, then your sales are higher, your lost customers are fewer, and the ROI on your digital marketing campaign is much higher. 

How Do You Do It?

All businesses can benefit from conversion marketing. In principle, you want to take interested prospective customers and turn them into active customers. To do this, you've got to identify where the roadblocks are.

Watch Behavior

Keep a close eye on the behavior of the people on your website, customers and visitors alike. By making note of the spots people are deciding to purchase your product and where they're turning away, you'll be able to strategize where to improve your site and thus, your conversions.

Keeping It Simple

Your site should make it easy to become a customer. No one should have to click through pages upon pages to get what they want, it should be readily available to them at all times. 

If you keep your site layout simple and give people the opportunity to convert at every turn, it'll also be easier to see what's working and what's not.

Evaluate Conversions

When you get more and more conversions, not only are they sales for your business, but they're also a valuable piece of data. Evaluate each one to find out what exactly happened for that individual to have been "converted", as it were. 

In doing this, you can better find out where things are going well and where things need improvement.

Converting Helps

Conversion marketing is one of the crucial aspects of a great digital marketing campaign. If enacted the right way, it leads directly to more sales and it gives you plenty of data to analyze so you can keep improving. 

Using a tool like Evidence can help you convert those tentative customers using a thing called social proof. When a prospective customer is deciding whether or not to purchase your product, an Evidence notification will pop up and let them know that another satisfied customer has made a purchase.

Evidence builds trust and creates a sense of urgency in your visitors which, when enacted together, improves your conversion rates by up to 15%. Don't let those items stay in the shopping carts, use Evidence.

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