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If you're trying to grab clients on the internet, you know it all begins at the landing page. Whether it's from a google search or a well-placed ad, that's going to be their first impression of your business. If your clients are heading to the competitor, then you need your landing page engagement to improve. You need your landing page to hook and reel in viewers. 

So, how to make a landing page that will keep the clients around long enough to actually consider your product? Check out these easy tips on how to boost your engagement:

1. Grab Them With a Headline and Subheader

The first thing a client will probably notice is your headline. It's where everything will begin in your one-page pitch. 

The headline needs to grab your reader's attention. It needs to tell the reader what you're selling. 

And it needs to be short. 

The subheader directly below the headline is where you will go into more detail and try to persuade visitors to check out your product. 

2. Showcase Your Product

Photos are the quickest way to get information across to people. If the landing page itself is the first impression, then the visuals will be what visitors react to. 

Your business can utilize visuals to show the functionality of your product. They can also be used to create a welcoming environment, depending on your type of business. 

3.  Focus Your Page Design

Speaking of visuals, the overall website creation is an important step in crafting a welcoming landing page.

Some websites load their pages with as much information as possible. Others go for more simple designs.

Your landing page needs to match the type of product you're selling. A luxury designer brand needs to reflect its designs on its webpage. 

4. Keep Their Attention With a Video

Between 2016 and 2018, 60% of companies were using video on their corporate landing pages, and for good reason

Video accomplishes a few things:

  • It keeps visitors on the site longer
  • You can demonstrate your product more dynamically
  • You can show a friendly face and humanize the business

5. Make It Mobile Friendly

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone these days with internet access, so it makes sense to have a landing page that is not only mobile friendly but adapted for a smaller screen. 

In 2018, it was found that 86% of the top landing pages were mobile-friendly, and 72% had local pack ads showing on mobile. Take advantage of those numbers.

6. Optimize Your Page Engagement and Call Them to Action

One of the most important things is to get to the point. Your potential clients need to see a call to action the second the page loads. 

7. Show Clients They Can Trust You Through Landing Page Engagement

Every business is trying to sell something. How do you stand apart from the crowd and increase website engagement? 

Show testimonials on your home page, either in written reviews or through video. Utilize endorsements.

And as a bonus tip, don't be afraid to ask for help in setting up your landing page! At Evidence, we use your footprint on social media to let your existing customers lend a helping hand. Try us out, risk-free.

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