How to pull multiple source fields into a single merge field

There are many times when you would want to have multiple sources feed into a single conversion notification, this article will show you the basics of adding multiple source fields to a single notification merge field.

In this example, I have notification that I want to display on a blog home page, that showcases other customers purchasing subscribing to the newsletter. The problem is, I have a separate source for each category on my blog.

two sources

Go to the Design page.


Our notification in its current state will only display "Someone from a city near you." We want to add the first name of the subscriber so that the notification carries more weight and looks more authentic.

default notification

Click the Edit Fields button.

edit fields

Click Add Field.

add field
  1. Give the field a name. Since we are going to be putting the first name of the subscriber into this merge field, I'll use "First Name".
  2. Enter a default value for if for some reason a name is not sent to us. I like to tailor it to my audience, so I'll enter "A reader".
  3. Now you will want to select the "First Name" field in each of your sources from their respective drop-down menu.
  4. Click Create Field.
steps 1 through 4

Now let's go back and edit the notification. Highlight the word Someone in the text.

highlight word

Then click the merge field button on the menu that appears.

merge field button

Click the merge field for First Name that we created in the last step.

click merge field

The word "Someone" should now be replaced with "{{first_name}}".


Now click Save near the bottom of the page.


Repeat these steps for any other merge fields you need.

Congratulations! Now you have two sources funneling into a single notification.

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