Hyperlink Text on a Notification using Links from a Webhook

In this article, you will learn how to hyperlink text to a Conversion notification in order link to a page that was sent to Evidence in a Webook. An example of how this could be used is if you have the link to a product page coming to Evidence in a webhook, and you want to have a visitor click the link in a notification to take them to the product page.

Step 1: Select the Link from the Source

In your Webhook Source, click the Add a field drop-down.

click the add a field drop down in the source settings

From the drop-down select the field that contains the link you would like to pull from the webhook.

from the dropdown, click the field for the link you want to pull from the webhook

Step 2: Create a Merge Field for the Link

Click the Design tab in the Notification settings.

click the design tab in the notification settings

Click the Edit Fields button off to the right. This is where the Merge Fields are managed.

click the edit fields button off to the right

From the menu that appears on the right, click the ADD FIELD button.

click the add field button from the menu on the right

Name your link field. You can name it anything you would like, but Link is the most common. You will also want to enter a default URL just in case there is a situation in which a link is not sent to Evidence in the webhook.

enter the name of the field and a default url

From the drop-down below, select the Link field you are pulling from the webhook.

select the link field from the drop-down

Click the Create Field button in the bottom right.

click the create field button in the bottom right

Step 3: Hyperlink the Notification Text

First, we want to copy the merge field that we will be using to hyperlink. To do this, click anywhere on the notification, select the merge field option from the menu, and click the Link merge field. Then cut the merge field that appears to copy it to your clipboard.

click the notification, select the merge field, then copy the merge field to the clipboard

Highlight the text that you want to hyperlink.

highlight the text you want to hyperlink

Click the Link button on the menu and select Insert Link.

click link button and click insert link

Paste the Merge Field for the link that you copied moments ago into the URL box, then click the Confirm button in the bottom right of the modal.

paste the merge field into the URL box and click confirm in the bottom right of the modal

Once you've made your changes to the appearance of the notification, click the Save button in the bottom right.

click the save button in the bottom right

Congratulations, you have now successfully hyperlinked text on a notification with the link from a webhook.

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