Campaign - Display

The Display section in your account allows you to select that page(s) that you would like your notifications in this campaign to display on. Note: Notifications will only display on pages that have the Evidence Pixel installed.

By default, notifications are set to display on all of your pages, however, you can click Select Pages to customize which pages specifically you would like these notifications to appear on.


If you choose to select which pages to display on, you have some options. The Enter Full URL field can be toggled between "SHOW ON" and "HIDE ON".

toggle between settings

SHOW ON is used for when you would like to target a specific page or pages.

show on

HIDE ON is used for when you would like to exclude a specific page or pages.

hide on

If you would like to only display notifications on a specific page, you will want to enter that page into the box, and click Add.

specific url

However, if for example, you would like to display notifications on all pages of your blog, no matter what blog post visitors are reading at the time, would want to use a "/*" to display on all pages the would come after the blog pages in the URL.

blog url

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