Fast Start: Install Pixel & Create Your First Campaign

We're going to show you how to get your first campaign running in just a few minutes. We'll cover installing your pixel and creating a Visitor Count notification.

1. Install the Evidence Pixel.

Navigate to your unique Evidence pixel, which is found on the left menu bar.

Install your Evidence pixel by navigating to the Pixel section in the main menu.

You can choose to copy the pixel code and install it yourself, send the code to your development team or webmaster, or hire Evidence to install the code for you. Once your pixel is successfully installed, you will see this success message.

Copy your unique Evidence pixel and add it to the bottom of your body script.

2. Create a New Campaign

In the left menu, select Campaigns and then click the + symbol in the upper right corner to create your first campaign. Give it a simple name (such as your website name) for now, but this can be changed in the future. Next, add a Visitor Count notification.

Create a new Evidence campaign and add a visitor count social proof notification.

Once you are inside of the Visitor Count notification, customize the text and design of the notification to match the look and feel of your website. You can update the color of the text, border, and background. You can also customize the image, shape, size, and entry/exit animation. Once you are done customizing the design, confirm the settings and pages you want the notification to show on. Don't forget to turn the notification on in the upper right corner of the notification panel!

Customize your visitor count social proof notification.

Once you are done creating your notification, browse and update the settings within the Display and Options tabs. If everything is set correctly, launch your first campaign!

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