Strategies F. A. Q.

Common questions and Answers about the best strategies to utilize Evidence Notifications to increase your conversions.

How do you know when you need to build a new campaign instead of adding more notifications within the same campaign?
The answer usually comes down to where you want to display certain notifications. If you’re good with the new notification displaying on the same pages as other notifications within the campaign, there is no need to create a new campaign. However, if you are building a new notification that needs to have different display rules than the existing notifications, you will need to create a new campaign.

If I have multiple data sources, do I need to create multiple notifications?

It depends. If you want the final design and messaging of the notifications to be the same, you can save a lot of time by connecting multiple data sources within the single notification. If however, you wish to have the design or messaging differ for each source, you’ll want to create a unique notification for each source.

Should I use a webform or a webhook as the data source?
For most platforms, there will be only one option – either a webform or a webhook. If you’re working with a platform that offers you both, webhooks can be easier to work with and receive the data from. With that being said, if the webhook doesn’t contain the City/Region data and you wish to merge that into the notification, you may choose to go with the webform option.

What defaults do you recommend using when creating merge fields?
There are many strategies you can take here, but there’s a lot of personal preference on this one. Let’s take First Name as an example. You could choose to use something generic like Someone. But depending on your market, you should try to be more specific as social proof works even better when the people taking action are more like the visitor you’re trying to influence. For Evidence, referring to our visitors as “Savvy Marketers” both compliments the visitor and lets them know they’re in good company with other fellow marketers.

What happens when multiple campaign are set to display on the same page?
Where possible, the ideal scenario is to have only one campaign displaying on each page. When your strategy calls for more than one campaign to be displayed on the same page – they will be “zippered” together. In other words a notification from campaign 1 will be displayed, then a notification from campaign 2, then a notification from campaign 1, then a notification from campaign 2 (so long as the quantity of events in each campaign is similar – if not, Evidence will do it’s best to alternate between the two based on a ratio that reflects the difference in the number of events in each campaign).

How many conversions should I have for social proof to work for me?
A conversion can be new subscriber, a lead magnet downloaded, a booked appointment, a webinar registration, a purchase, etc. If you have more than 4 conversions happening on your site each day, you likely have plenty of activity taking place for social proof to work for you.

What type of image should I show on the notification?
By default, Evidence sorts the images in our recommended order: Gravatar, Map, Static, Dynamic. Prioritizing in this order will work great for 80% of users. Exceptions may include when a dynamic image like a product photo is sent via a webhook. Including a picture of the product they’re considering purchasing can be powerful.

When choosing a static image, while you can use your company logo or icon, keep the WII-FM principle in mind: your visitors tune into the “What’s in it for me” channel. If a static image is used, it should place a focus on the visitor and the benefit they’ll receive by taking the same action that someone else did.

As always, every now and then, re-evaluate your strategies and change things up!

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