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Are you a developer looking to integrate with This article will walk you through Everything you will need to do in order to do that.

Benefits of integrating with Evidence
- Your customers will see higher conversions (more leads, bookings, sales, signups, etc.)
- Higher conversions with your product means higher retention metrics for your company
- Referral traffic to your website from the Evidence Integration listing and support doc

Time Investment
Software apps that already have the ability to send a webhook when events occur in their app, are able to integrate with Evidence within a few minutes, with little to no work involved. Other apps may require 1-2 hours of development to build an integration with Evidence. Watch the video below and read the additional instructions to easily integrate with Evidence.

Explainer Video - How to Integrate with Evidence

Minimum Requirement
- An input field in your UI for a webhook URL (json is preferred)

Additional Options
- The ability for end-users to select the types of events to send a webhook on
- The ability for end-users to select which fields are included in the webhook

When choosing the data that will be included in the webhook, consider the end result being a unique social proof notification. Here's an example notification:

integrate with evidence notification

How the Information is Used
- Name: we use the real first name to personalize the notification
- Email: we look up the gravatar image for this person to humanize the notification
- Location: we include the city/state/country to legitimize the notification
- Action: we can merge specific actions taken to varietize the notifications
- Product Image: we use dynamic product images to customize the notification

Basically, we enjoy a lot of "ize-ing" on our cake and you can help by sending Evidence as many details as possible in your webhook. These high-converting notifications will thank you.

Post Build
Once you're successfully sending webhooks from your app to Evidence, let us know about it. We'd love to add you to our Evidence Integrations page and if it makes sense, do a case study or blog post about the integration.

While direct integrations via webform or webhook are preferred, there are other fallback options if your customers wish to publish activity on their website or landing page using Evidence, and you do not have the ability to send us a webhook directly from your app.

Example 1:
If your app has the ability to send a transaction email each time and event occurs, users can use Parsey to parse the data out of the email, then have Parsey send a webhook to Evidence.

Example 2:
If you've already taken the time to integrate your app with Zapier, the data can go from your app to Zapier, then Zapier can send a webhook to Evidence.

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