Evidence currently works with embedded SendFox forms. We're working with their team to possibly allow 3rd party tracking scripts to be placed on their landing pages. This would allow us to push notifications on a SendFox-hosted landing page.

Step 1: Create a Webform Source

Log into Evidence. Go to Sources and click the + button.

  1. Name your source SendFox.
  2. Click Webform Submission.
  3. Click Create.

Paste the URL that your form is hosted on in the Webform URL box and click Check.

Once your form has been detected on the page, click Confirm.

  1. Select the fields you would like to pull from the web form.
  2. Categorize each field. (Make sure you do this for First Name, Email, City, and State)
  3. Turn the source from OFF to ON.

All done! You can now use SendFox as a source within an Evidence Notification!

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