Capturing Events from Elementor

Capturing Events using Webforms

Note: In order to capture events from a form, the Evidence Pixel needs to be on the page.

Step 1: Create a Webform Source

Log into Evidence. Go to Sources and click the + button.

  1. Name your source Elementor
  2. Click Webform Submission.
  3. Click Create.
configure form source

Paste the URL that your form is on and click Check.

paste and check

Once your form has been found, click Confirm.

  1. Select all of the fields you would like to pull from the form.
  2. Set the Field Type for relevant fields. (Don't forget to set First Name and Email)

Toggle your form from Off to On and click Publish.


All done! You can now use Elementor as a source within an Evidence Notification!

Capturing Events using Webhooks

Step 1: Create a Webhook

In order to integrate Elementor with Evidence, Elementor needs a “Webhook URL” to send the data to. Follow this article to learn how to create a webhook URL within Evidence to insert into Elementor.

Step 2: Connect to Elementor

Edit the page that your form lives on. Right-click the form that you would like to post to Evidence and click Edit Form.

edit form

Click the Actions after Submit button and select Webhook.

actions after submit

Now click the Webhook drop-down and Paste the Evidence Webhook URL you created in Step 1 into the Webhook URL field.

paste url

At the bottom of the page, click Publish.


Now go fill out your form so that Elementor sends a webhook to Evidence.

Once Evidence has received the test webhook, click this link to learn what to do with the Elementor webhook that Evidence received.

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