Section 1: Displaying Evidence Notifications on Wishpond

Step 1: Copy your Evidence Pixel

Follow this article to copy your Evidence Pixel.

Step 2: Add your Evidence Pixel to Wishpond

  1. Log into your WishPond account and edit your page.
  2. Click Custom Javascript on the left-hand side of your editor
  3. Paste the code of your tracking pixel into campaign javascript
  4. Since this is a javascript editor, <script> tags are not needed. Delete both from your code.
  5. Press “Save”

All done! Evidence notifications are now able to be displayed on your Wishpond site.

Section 2: Capturing Wishpond Events

Instead of native webhook functionality, which is what Evidence uses to receive data, Wishpond uses Zapier to send a webhook to Evidence. Here is a link to our Zapier article.

Connect Wishpond to Evidence using Zapier!

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