Step 1: Create a Webhook

In order to integrate SurveyGizmo with Evidence, SurveyGizmo needs a “Webhook URL” to send the data to. Follow this article to learn how to create a webhook URL within Evidence to insert into SurveyGizmo.

Step 2: Connect to SurveyGizmo

The Webhook action can be added to any page of your survey, except the first page. To add a Webhook click the Action link on one of your survey pages and select Webhook.

Paste the Evidence Webhook URL you created in Step 1 in the box and remove the 'https://' from the pasted URL.

Under Fields to Pass, select "Post the current survey response data" and make sure to check "Post the response data as JSON".

Indicate when to Run this action.

  • By default, the Webhook runs when the page is displayed.
  • It can be triggered when the page is submitted (this includes when the Back, Next and Submit buttons are clicked).

Evidence is now waiting to receive a webhook from SurveyGizmo. Fill out a survey so that SurveyGizmo sends a webhook to Evidence.

Once Evidence has received the webhook, click this link to learn what to do with the Marketo webhook that Evidence received.

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